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Who We Are

The Upstream Training Trust (UTT) was established in 1997 by the Petroleum Agency SA (the Agency) and the companies participating in the South African off and on-shore search for oil and gas. 

“Upstream” refers to the exploration, development and production phases of the petroleum industry, that is the phases prior to the refining of produced natural oil or gas. The term therefore includes seismic surveying, exploration (drilling) and production. 

It plays a visible role in creating opportunities for training and development of South Africans in this industry. The UTT, as part of the Petroleum Agency SA, was formed with this objective in mind. 

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Being a UTT bursary beneficiary has been the best thing to happen to me at varsity since I didn’t have any means to pay for my fees because I’m from a family of 6

Thabo Djoye
B.Sc Chemistry & Mathematics ,

I have been on the bursary programme for 3 years (going on 4). My experience has been fantastic and I’ve dealt with very kind, helpful, and organised coordinators.

Fuzail Dawood

This Bursary has provided me with the platform to be able to further my studies, during a time where obtaining finances for tertiary was a huge struggle for my mom.

Busisiwe Mathontsi Testimonial
Honours Geology, University of Western Cape

Newsletter and Report

Petroleum Agency SA is offering an internship opportunity funded by the Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA) for five (5) graduates over a two-year period, with a planned starting date of 01 February 2024 to 30 January 2026.