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Student Bursary Recipient: Busisiwe Mathontsi

I have always dreamt and envisioned myself pursuing Geology as a career as far as Grade 9. It is the only career that feeds my interests and am passionate about, as I find the Earth quite a fascinating mechanism. Therefore I am deeply humbled and grateful for the opportunity the UTT Bursary and its respective sponsors have afforded me. This Bursary has provided me with the platform to be able to further my studies, during a time where obtaining finances for tertiary was a huge struggle for my mom.

This is a privilege that many young individuals, who come from financially-disadvantaged backgrounds, are not blessed with. Therefore, I do not take for granted the significant and important role that UTT has played in my life. As a result of this Bursary, I am a Geology Honours graduate (2017) from the University of the Western Cape, as this Bursary fully funded for the full 4 year duration of my studies.

I am currently on a 1 year internship at The Leadership & Social Responsibility Department on campus (I want to broaden and build on my interpersonal skills. As well as get exposure to the working world, so when I start working within my industry I know how to deal with the pressures that one faces effectively).