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Student Bursary Recipient: Lona Bam

I remember late 2013, in my matric year, along with the ‘stress’ of final exams I had to look for funding for my looming studies the next year because my parents were financially challenged, struggling to secure funding for me to further my studies. I had applied and was admitted for chemical engineering, which was not my ideal field of study, but solely chose it based on my marks and vague love of chemistry.

To my luck, I came across the Upstream Training Trust online. They required only the important documents from me that could show that I had the potential and qualities to be serious about my studies and not take it for granted. They accepted my application and I was ecstatic but not as much as my parents as they had one less burden to worry about.

My first year came and before registration, I decided not to go ahead with chemical engineering as it was not something I thought I would enjoy and changed to Geomatics. Now, I was terrified that I would lose the bursary before I even started varsity. However, Upstream Training Trust had so much faith and trust in me that they decided to carry on funding my studies. In the four years of my studies funding was the least of my worries and I really appreciated the fact that they motivated us to work hard by giving us incentives based on marks.

The support that I received from the liaisons was invaluable and greatly appreciated. I am forever grateful to Upstream Training Trust for believing in me, supporting me and allowing me the opportunity to start my career not having to worry about student debt.

Thank you very much.